The Importance of a Budget: It’s The 'Basics Done Well'​ That Make The Biggest Difference

As the old saying goes – time flies when you’re having fun.

Many moons ago when I had my first interview for starting as an administrative assistant in a small financial planning firm, the interviewer asked the question – why do you want to become a financial adviser one day?

At the time, I was a naive twenty-three-year-old who hadn’t even prepared for the question. “Eerm, I guess I want to help people”, I replied. The interviewer grinned, I’m sure he had heard the same response from other candidates.

Despite my initial thinking that I had bombed the interview, lady luck was on my side, and I got the job, which gave me my first introduction to financial services.

I haven’t looked back since and couldn’t see myself doing anything different. And, genuinely happy seeing my clients achieve their goals and objectives.

That’s why I decided to establish Equanimity Financial Services; I don’t think there are many people out there who can say that they genuinely enjoy what they do.

We’ve spotted a gap in the market, particularly for Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists and allied health professionals.

Despite being in entirely different industries, there’s an alignment of values, where small proactive steps to our health and well-being can add to our vitality and longevity; just like putting together a financial plan, small proactive steps compound over time and take the stress-load off the healthcare system and the age pension. Also:

  • 75% of the labour force in the whole health industry is made up of women, and, according to the ASFA retirement standard, one in three women are retiring with insufficient retirement capital.
  • According to the federal government’s department of health, one-third of physiotherapists are planning to retire in the next ten years.
  • After years of studying and becoming accredited, there is a cap on earnings for Exercise Physiologists entering the public system, unless they were to establish their private practice. According to the ESSA’s future workforce report, there’s increasing demand in rural Australia for their services.
  • There is an amalgamation of existing practices where clinics are becoming one-stop shops; a good example is the ASX listed company Healthia which has a $50 million finance facility to acquire health-practices over Australia

Prevention is better than a cure when it comes to health, so it is with financial advice, where strategic advice earlier whether you’re ‘starting out’ or ‘getting out’ leads to the best results.

The definition of Equanimity is calm and composed, particularly in a difficult situation. If there is anything that 2020 has taught us all, is that we’re all in it together. The world is getting smaller and more connected every day, despite the noise in the newspaper, it’s a testament to the human condition that in reality, we’ve got an uncanny ability to adapt and bounce back.

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